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Locally Test Your Global Toll Free Numbers and IVR's 

Klearcom provides the worlds largest coverage for Toll Free Number & IVR testing in-country, across fixed line and mobile.

Identify and resolve global issues using one single platform.

One Test, One Platform, One True View

Why use several platforms, tests and vendors

when one will help you identify & resolve issues faster?

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True CX assurance can only be achieved if you're testing all three legs of your customer call path


In-country, Toll-free number testing

Toll-free number



Leverage the power of Klearcom’s local in-country presence in over 80 countries to replicate and test your customer-facing numbers.


Toll / Toll Free / UIFN / ITFS


Both fixed line and GSM.


In-country IVR testing




Replicate the local IVR experience of your customers within minutes globally.


Verify that calls transfer correctly locally in-country.

Capture IVR message changes in local languages,


Ensure your Voicebots, Speech and DTMF are working.


In-country, End agent testing




Verify your agents are reachable and responsive locally in over 80 countries.


Test the MOS audio quality at each stage of the call from carrier to IVR & end agent leg, using a single test.

Klearcom empowers you to control your global customer experience. Without blindspots.   


Test across Toll-free numbers, IVR and end-agents in-country

Harness the power of Klearcom’s automated local presence in over 80+ countries and identify, triage and resolve issues instantly without having to wait hours or even days for a response.

Auto-discover every step, and every message in your IVR

By combining in-country calling and our advanced AI language model we can automate the complete call-flow. Map and transcribe your entire IVR as it is today locally in every country.


By replicating the entire call-path, we remove any blindspots so you can address any issues, internal or external, immediately with detailed CDRs. Human verified. No false flags.

Eliminate time consuming, manual troubleshooting and local translations.


Klearcom does not require any intrusive installation on your system.

Start testing immediately without the need to install any probes or prompts

Our solution is non-intrusive and doesn't require any integration with your infrastructure/IVR/network

100% Contact Center,  Vendor & Carrier Agnostic

And more...

No installation, Global Reach, Faster Resolution

Experience the only Toll-free number and IVR testing solution on the market that replicates the entire customer call-path by calling in-country globally.

Automated, in-country 

IVR discovery 

Automated, in-country  IVR discovery 

Use our automation and advanced  machine learning to instantly map your entire IVR structure, transcribe each message and benchmark the audio.

No installation, no PESQ prompts

No installation,

no PESQ prompts

We don't require any integration with your system. Start testing immediately.

Toll-free number, IVR

and End-agent testing

Toll-free number, IVR and End-agent testing

Automate your In-country testing using local fixed line and GSM. Select one or multiple numbers, choose which carriers to test

No device channel  limitations

No device channel


Test multiple toll-free numbers all over the world.

At the same time!

DTMF, Speech- and Voice Bot testing

DTMF, Speech- and

Voice Bot testing

Over 30 Languages supported. Non-English nodes automatically translated to English

Actionable CDRs, No false flags

Actionable CDRs,

No false flags

Only validated issues reported. We pinpoint the root cause. You focus on resolving instead of detecting.

The World’s Leading Organisations Depend on Klearcom for 
End to End IVR Test Automation, Assurance and Actionable Insights


Klearcom is working with several market leading companies in the financial sector


Klearcom is working with several market leading companies within pharmaceuticals and healthcare


Klearcom is working with several market leading companies in the IT industry


Klearcom is working with several of the top Fortune 500 companies

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