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Telecom Issues Impacting Your Customers?


Identify Critical Global Outages Across Your
Full Customer
Call Path

Call quality testing

Test your Contact Center Voice Quality

Customer Experience

Through the use of the Klearcom platform your will have the ability to test IVR reachability, audio quality, IVR transcription and  quality in a single test:

  • The availability of your customer facing IVR

  • The call quality of each leg of the journey

  • Full transcription of each leg on your IVR

  • The ability to triage and troubleshoot each link in the chain


Klearcom ensures that no matter where the customer journey starts to where the customer journey ends, you will have visibility of each leg of the experience and the assurance your customer experience is to the highest expected standard.

Klearcom Voice Quality Testing Ensures:


  • You can test all of your global customer facing IVR's from the outside-in and  replicate your customer experience

  • Non intrusive call quality measurement solution ensuring a seamless integration with global validation

Localised Testing Ensures:

  • You are first to know if there are any quality issues at each leg of the journey, forcing ownership 

  • You can take evasive action by re-routing your voice services to another contact center

  • You take the guesswork and time delay out of troubleshooting intermittent problems

Agent Quality Testing

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