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Toll free number and IVR Testing, in-country, in over 80 countries

In-country Toll-free number and IVR Testing

Ensure Your Call Path Delivers End to End CX

Easy to set up, Non Intrusive Validation of IVR Traversal.

Improve Your CX by Testing with Klearcom

Five solutions to put you ahead in the game...

Klearcom DIVR (Discovery IVR) testing traverses your full customer call path and identifies all of the associated scripting. 

IVR Discovery

Klearcom DIVR (Discovery IVR) testing traverses your full customer call path and identifies all of the associated scripting. 

Toll free number testing

Toll-free number testing

Comprehensive in-country testing coverage across multiple carriers in each country. 

IVR testing for preventative  IVR quality assurance

Automated IVR testing

Real Time IVR Path Validation Across Your Global Footprint.


Be the first to know of any outages before they impact your customers.

Ensure your customer can reach your end agents and the technical call quality is good enough

End-agent testing

Are Your Agents Reachable
(IVR to Agent)?
Validate Your IVR Path from Customer to Agent. Test the full IVR Path and End Agent Experience!

Voice Quality testing

Voice quality testing

Test your Contact Center Voice Quality Customer Experience.

The Klearcom platform does not require integration with your infrastructure. No probe, no prompt.

No installation

No hardware,

No headaches...

Simply enable your global testing on our customised SaaS Platform.

Klearcom tests the customer call path end-to-end, giving you full transparency without blindspots.

No Blindspots

No more guesswork, No more waiting.

Identify, isolate and action global outages in seconds.

Test all your countries with the worlds largest coverage for in-country calling.

Connect Globally


Replicate IVR testing within your localised contact center & identify customer impacting issues.

End-to-end testing and a single, detailed CDR report let's you resolve issues quicker.

Quicker resolution

At the click of a button, collate all the information you need to resolve voice and IVR impacting issues.

One Test, One Platform, One True View

Why use several platforms, tests and vendors

when one will help you identify & resolve issues faster?

360 Degree View of Your
Customer Call Path Experience 

Localise your testing across all of your contact center processes and isolate customer painpoints

 Pro-active validation of the customer call path
  • Take the pro-active approach to validating your customer call path

  • Test your local IVR experience and identify customer impacting issues

  • Utilise the power of comprehensive CDR's and detailed analytics to isolate, Identify and resolve global outages

The World’s Leading Organisations Depend on Klearcom for 
End to End IVR Test Automation, Assurance and Actionable Insights


Klearcom is working with several market leading companies in the financial sector


Klearcom is working with several market leading companies within pharmaceuticals and healthcare


Klearcom is working with several market leading companies in the IT industry


Klearcom is working with several of the top Fortune 500 companies

Detailed Analytics Ensuring you
Have Everything you Need 

Customize and build out your own reporting function,

tailored specifically to what you want to see.

  • True end to end visibility across you customers IVR path 

  • Our seamless integration helps avoid unwanted connection issues

  • Avoid the blame game and pinpoint the problem

Detailed real time analytics across the full customer IVR path

100% Contact Center,  Vendor & Carrier Agnostic

And more...

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Replicate your customers experience across your global markets today

It's never been easier to map, validate and test the quality of your toll-free numbers, IVRs and end-agents.

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customer call path today. 

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