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IVR Testing

Klearcom | Domestic IVR Testing

Ensure Your Call Path Delivers End to End CX

Easy to set up, Non Intrusive Validation of IVR Traversal
Improve Your CX by Testing with Klearcom

We're Vendor and Carrier Agnostic!

klearcom IVR testing
carrier testing
voice quality testing
Inbound testing
voice quality testing
connectivity testing

360 Degree View of Your
Customer Call Path Experience 

Localise your testing across all of your contact center processes and isolate customer painpoints

contact center testing
  • Take the pro-active approach to validating your customer call path

  • Test your local IVR experience and identify customer impacting issues

  • Utilise the power of comprehensive CDR's and detailed analytics to isolate, Identify and resolve global outages

The World’s Leading Organisations Depend on Klearcom for 
End to End IVR Testing, IVR Test Automation, Assurance and Analytics

Financial IVR Testing
Healthcare IVR Testing
Enterprise IVR Testing
Software IVR Testing

Detailed Analytics Ensuring you
Have Everything you Need 

Customize and build out your own reporting function which can be tailored specifically to what you want to see.

  • True end to end visibility across you customers IVR path 

  • Our seamless integration helps avoid unwanted connection issues

  • Avoid the blame game and pinpoint the problem

carrier and enterprise reporting

No Installation

No hardware,

No headaches, Simply enable your global testing on our customised SaaS Platform.

Connect Globally

Replicate IVR testing within your localised contact center & identify customer impacting issues.

No Blindspots

No more guesswork,
No more waiting. Identify, isolate
and action global outages in

Take Action

At the click of
a button, collate
all the information you need to
resolve voice and IVR impacting issues.


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