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Automate IVR Testing in Real Time

Schedule On-Going IVR Testing and Isolate Inconsistencies, Validate Your Customer Call Path

Call Path Voice Testing

Identify Inconsistencies Across your Call Path, Automate Your

IVR Testing Process

Through consistency you achieve perfection, through automation you identify trends. Klearcom RIVR testing ensures you consistently test and identify failures and trends across your customer call path. Klearcom RIVR testing ensures you are first to know every time there is a customer contact outage impacting your business. Whether this is localised to the IVR scripting, IVR traversal, or even down to an end agent engagement.

Take the Klearcom trial today and get ahead of your customer complaints.

Call Path Voice Testing

Real Time Testing of your Customer Call Path

  Easy to configure, non intrusive testing which can be rolled out in minutes. Select optimum IVR traversals and let the Klearcom platform do the rest

Call Path Voice Testing
Domestic Voice Testing
Domestic Voice Testing

Testing Within Your Customer Market

  Ensure you can truly replicate the issues as your customers would experience. RIVR testing ensures you have full replication on your customer IVR challenges 


Transcription Validation With a Difference

  Through non intrusive measures, collate a holistic view of your global IVR paths and ensure they are performing as expected

IVR Failure

Genuine Failure Alert


Klearcom ensures that all failed tests are automatically re-run upon the first failure. Ensuring you only receive genuine alerts

IVR Failure
Call details

Consolidated Data Built to Your Specification

Klearcom testing validates multiple elements across your global IVR path from voice quality, connectivity, transcription and Fingerprint

Voice Analytics


Domestic testing

Real Time Validation


Through the power of Klearcom automated testing you will gather real time insights into the performance of your full customer call path throughout your contact center all the way through to your agent. Thanks to Klearcom RIVR testing, customer can ensure they get ahead of their customer impact issues.

Domestic Testing

Failures can occur for a variety of reasons and when these issues do present themselves you need to ensure you can replicate them exactly as they happen. Klearcom RIVR testing provides global organisations with the ability to replicate these issues at a localised IVR level. Through Klearcom insights you can identify, replicate and troubleshoot globally in seconds. 

Detailed Reporting Analysis


Klearcom RIVR testing ensures you receive all of the data you require and more. Thanks to the custom built reporting process, Klearcom customers can choose from IVR transcription, Connectivity and Audio Quality reporting, Fingerprinting and much more. All of these features are available at the click of a button, providing global organisations with global reporting capabilities.

Genuine Failure Alerting

Thanks to the Klearcom 2 step process the days of false alerting are a thing of the past. Each and every failure is automatically re-tested and verified prior to customer alerting. Klearcom RIVR testing process provides verified detailed insights into outages allowing our customers to carry on with their day to day tasks.

Detailed call records
IVR Analytics

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