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Pharma - The Importance of Testing Phone Numbers and IVR's

Updated: Aug 20


Pharmaceutical phone line testing

The pharmaceutical industry, an integral pillar of the global healthcare system, relies on stringent quality control to ensure that every medicine or treatment they provide is safe and effective. Just as rigorous as their drug-testing methods must be their communication channels, particularly phone numbers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Here's a look at why it is imperative for the pharmaceutical sector to prioritize testing and monitoring these components.

83% of people would avoid a company forever due to a poor call or IVR experience

1. Safety and Emergency Concerns

The pharmaceutical industry, perhaps more than any other, is a prime example of where a missed call or a misdirected IVR option can have grave consequences. Whether it's a patient calling about severe side effects, a healthcare provider seeking clarity on drug interactions, or a pharmacy inquiring about stock, these communications are critical. Ensuring that phone lines are active, clear, and efficiently directed can save lives.

a man in shock after the FDA fine his company

2. Protecting Brand Reputation by Phone Number Testing

A malfunctioning phone line or a confusing IVR menu can create frustration for the caller. This seemingly small oversight can lead to bigger problems for a pharmaceutical company, as poor experiences can negatively impact brand reputation. In an industry where trust is paramount, every touch-point with stakeholders, including over the phone, must be impeccable.

3. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

The pharmaceutical industry operates under strict regulatory requirements. Authorities like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) mandate specific guidelines about information dissemination, especially during drug recalls or public health emergencies. A functional IVR system and well-tested phone numbers ensure that companies can provide accurate, timely, and compliant information to all callers.

4. Effective Stakeholder Communication

Pharmaceutical companies interact with a diverse set of stakeholders – from researchers and doctors to patients and distributors. Each group may have different needs and queries. A well-structured IVR can ensure that each caller is directed to the most suitable department or expert, facilitating effective and efficient communication.

5. Cost Efficiency

Every missed call might represent a missed business opportunity or an unresolved problem, both of which come with a cost. Efficient testing ensures that technical glitches, which could result in lost revenue or increased costs due to problem escalation, are minimized.

6. Adapting to Changes

The medical field is ever-evolving, with new research, products, and guidelines emerging regularly. Regularly testing and updating phone and IVR systems ensures that the latest information and resources are available to callers, reflecting the company’s commitment to up-to-date communication.

In the pharmaceutical world, where precision and accuracy are paramount, a well-maintained communication channel is not a luxury but a necessity. Just as we expect thorough testing of the drugs we consume, we should also expect the same rigor in the phone and IVR systems of these corporations. Testing and periodic reviews of these systems not only streamline operations and communications but can also make the difference between life and death in critical situations.

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