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The Importance of Audio Quality Testing, in particular for Remote Working

Updated: May 16


Everybody has had a frustrating experience whilst dealing with customer support. There is nothing more infuriating than sitting on hold for what feels like hours, to then find yourself being connected to an agent where you cannot hear them through the muffled audio quality, continuously repeating your sentence and eventually resulting in the call being dropped.

91% of customers say poor audio quality negatively impacts their perception of a company.

Audio Quality is equally as important for internal calls. Poor audio quality can reduce your work productivity. Imagine trying to remain productive at work when you cannot call a colleague without calls dropping and incoherent voice quality.

Remote working has been a major part of our lives since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. All businesses across the world had to evolve with the ever-changing health measures and restrictions. In many cases, employees had never worked from home before, it was a learning curve for all involved. Together we had to educate ourselves on various new communication software such as ‘ZOOM’ and ‘Microsoft Teams’. Companies were finding different approaches to ensure the highest level of productivity among employees. As we enter a new stage of the pandemic, we are beginning a phased return to office, however, remote working will remain a part of our lives as many organisations are adopting a hybrid approach. Organisations are looking to find better ways of identifying voice and video call quality issues, in particular since remote working is becoming a permanent part of our everyday life. The novelty of walking down the corridor to have your IT queries solved has become a distant memory. Companies cannot afford to have outages, and if they do, they must be able to fix them fast to avoid company disruption,

One of Klearcoms main priorities is to find the problem faster, fixing them sooner whilst ensuring a positive customer experience, whether it’s for outbound customer calls or internal calls. The Klearcom platform doesn’t just test the audio quality of a call, the platform also tests IVR reachability and transcription all in one single test. But what makes it even more beneficial is that results come back instantly. Klearcom clients will never have to wait for test results, any issues we find immediately meaning you can fix them even faster. We give you the tools to go to your IT team, pinpointing the exact point where issues arose, what it involved and how you can go about fixing them, and all this can be done within a matter of minutes by choosing Klearcom.

Contact Klearcom today:

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