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Do You Want to Test TFN's? But don't want to wait 48 hours...

Updated: Aug 12


What is a TFN?

Freephone, free-to-call, or toll-free numbers can all be used to describe toll free numbers (TFN) depending on your global location. Toll Free numbers (TFN) are distinct 800 / 1800 prefix codes that offer a convenient way for customers to dial your business. Calls can be dialled from any phone line, at any time, without any added costs. TFN can also be used to reach individuals/businesses out of the area without being charged a long-distance fee. In the US, 1800 is the TFN prefix, for example, when a call is made to a 1800 number, the call is free for the caller and only the receiver gets charged. Often, Toll Free numbers are used by sales departments and call centers to enable free communication between the business and their customers/prospects.

Importance of TFN Testing

Experiencing faulty, inactive or misdirected numbers can have a negative impact on you and your customers overall experience. It is crucial for every business using TFN’s that they can ensure every call is routed and answered correctly while also providing a call of the highest quality with effective/efficient support.

"Businesses can lose up to $500’000 dollars an hour due to unknown issues within the overall phone system"

Poor customer experience, a damaged brand reputation and the loss of revenue are some implications of poor phone line management. There are many links and applications in the global call chain that sends the call from customer to agent, and it’s an incredibly complex task to find which link is down. Unless you are testing your customer experience from the customer call path in the local country you have no idea that the customer is having issues, ultimately this will result in customer frustration and churning due to poor delivery of technical services.

How does Klearcom help?

Klearcom is a SaaS platform for testing the customer call path in local markets. Through real time IVR testing (RIVR) and remote agent testing, Klearcom can test TFN’s for poor audio, TFN outages, silence on the line, call drops, number not connecting and busy tones. This is done through one 100% non-intrusive single test. All results of Klearcom testing are given instantly to minimise all disruption and unnecessary cost.

Contact Klearcom today:

INTL: +353 1 5256748

USA: 18669866016

or visit our website to book a free trial.

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