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Contact Center Testing Made Easy:

Updated: Aug 12


Klearcom: The only single platform CX testing solution

Klearcom was established in Waterford, Ireland and provides the world's only end-to-end Automated SaaS solution. Klearcom helps fortune 500 organisations, the world's largest multinational contact centers, to avoid outages on their domestic IVR voice calls. When problems do arise Klearcom finds them faster, helping to fix them sooner. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) based platform will automatically analyse the full domestic IVR voice call path globally, benchmark performance and alert instantly on every single issue. All tests are 100% non-intrusive, no probes or need for installation.

Unsure what exactly this means? Keep reading!

The Klearcom platform is a software solution access through your standard internet browser i.e SaaS (Software as a Service). Through simply logging on to the Klearcom platform with a username and password, you will have access to their global phone lines and have the ability to make local phone calls in local markets, verifying your local numbers are reachable and performing as expected.

What is an IVR?

An IVR is an Interactive Voice Response. Have you ever rang a company and been greeted by an automated machine? That is an IVR. In more detail, an IVR can be explained as an automated, self-service menu that is presented to customers whenever they call your support line. Customers may be given options similar to ‘press one for home insurance’ or ‘press two for car insurance’, once customers have chosen the options relevant to them, they are connected to an agent who specialises in their area of concern.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the creating of intelligent machines that replicate the work of humans. Cognitive computing allows businesses to offer more efficient services to customers, improving their overall customer experience. The Klearcom AI platform is designed to function more efficiently and intelligently than a traditional IVR testing platform. Klearcom can test the domestic IVR call path through one simple test, alerting any issues instantly.

Klearcom 360 degree IVR and phone number testing

How does Klearcom help?

Klearcoms key focus is to improve customer experience, ensuring all services run smoothly. For example, we’ve all found ourselves in a situation where we have rang a company, spent what felt like hours going through an automated system to eventually be transferred to an agent. We then experienced poor/muffled audio quality, breakages on the line, call drops and found ourselves constantly repeating. Often, we may not have even gotten the answer for the question we were ringing in relation to. This leaves us frustrated and annoyed. Klearcom works to improve this experience by carrying out regular testing on IVR systems to ensure callers do not experience disruptions, agents are well equipped to answer the queries asked, and problems are solved as efficiently as possible.

Did you know an outage on an IVR system could cost a company up to $500’000 dollars an hour? That's why at Klearcom we provide domestic IVR testing with instant results.

What is a domestic IVR test?

There are three categories of IVR testing; DIVR (Discovery IVR), RIVR (Regression IVR Testing) and LIVR (Load test IVR).

Discovery IVR:

Explore your customer Call Path locally and provide assurance to your business that your lines of communication are clear. By testing real customer engagement, DIVR collates a holistic view of your global number footprint, IVR accessibility and a fully referenceable script database. Providing assurance that your business delivers the best possible CX each and every time.​​

Klearcom DIVR ensures that no matter where the customer journey starts to where the customer journey ends, you will have visibility of each leg of the experience and the assurance your call quality is to the highest expected standard.

Regression-time IVR:

RIVR testing helps organizations have a real-time 360-degree view of their telecom infrastructure through one unified platform. Klearcom’s platform replicates customer experience (CX) in local markets, along the full call path from number to IVR and end agent. Meaning Klearcom has the technology to call an organisation as if they were a customer, testing the overall experience of the call as it is happening in real time. Once the RIVR test is complete Klearcom will instantly have the results of any issues presented along the line. Klearcom will test all aspects of the line ( TFN, Network, IVR), rather than focusing solely on one vendor, meaning there are no blind spots or missed issues. Klearcom RIVR testing ensures organizations are first to know of all voice challenges before they impact their end customers.

Load Test IVR:

Development teams are consistently under pressure to ensure their contact center is delivering the best CX they can achieve. The reality of this pressure is that other processes meaning IVR testing takes a back seat. Ultimately Klearcoms LIVR tests to see if your IVR system has the capacity to keep up with the level of calls demanded i.e Can your IVR system handle 1’000 calls at once? Or will it crash? Klearcom can automate the full process and identify any capacity, regression or functional challenges within your business. An overloaded system can result in decreased production, revenue and CX.

More specifically, the Klearcom platform tests for the following when carrying out an LIVR, DIVR or RIVR test;

Connection Testing: This is the most common and widely used test within the Klearcom platform. A connection test allows customers to validate if their customer facing phone numbers are connecting. The Klearcom servers will generate live test calls from the countries of your choice, exactly the same way your customers would, our servers will then identify if the number is reachable or if there were any connection issues.

Voice Quality Testing: Through Klearcom non-intrusive testing you will have the ability to generate live test calls to your customer facing numbers. Once the call connects, the Klearcom solution will identify connectivity and call quality on the line in a matter of seconds. Voice quality testing can be enabled locally within the country of your choice and reporting will provide you with data on the call experience.

IVR Transcription: Creating a global IVR map can be difficult without the power of automation and localised presence in each of the regions you want to test. That’s where Klearcom come in, with automation and IVR transcription capabilities as standard, you no longer have to worry about IVR connection problems. Klearcom collates a holistic view of your global IVR accessibility and a fully referenceable script database. Providing assurance that your business delivers the best possible CX each and every time.​​

Klearcoms IVR discovery maps your IVR and benchmarks your audio though audio fingerprinting

Audio fingerprinting: Sometimes number testing, audio quality verification and IVR transcription are not enough and you may just want to take your testing to the next level. With Klearcom you can now utilize the power of Audio Fingerprinting, ensuring you have all the metrics you need to validate any failures should they arise. Audio fingerprinting will provide you with a clear view on how accurate your voice files are against the master copies, ensuring you have all the information you need.

Stress Testing: Not sure what your current voice capacity is? This is a common concern among contact centers executives and engineers. There are a number of things that may go wrong when you reach your channel capacity, lost calls, audio quality degradation, loss of reputation. There is an easier way, Klearcom stress testing ensures you can identify capacity challenges along with audio quality testing for each and every connected call.

Agent Quality Testing: Now more than ever there has been a surge in remote working, this in turn has lead to an increase in customer complaints around voice quality. Testing voice across a network can pose a challenge, not to mention when this network extends to remote workers. Now there’s an easier way, Klearcom Agent Quality testing, provides a fully managed end to end test process from customer to end agent, ensuring any quality issues are identified in minutes.

So why wait, get in contact with the team today and understand how Klearcom testing can be seamlessly implemented within your organisation in minutes and have your contact center testing made easy.

Get in contact today on

INTL: +353 1 5256748

USA: 18669866016

or visit our website to book a free trial!

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