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History of Telecom

Updated: May 16


Are you feeling nostalgic? Can you imagine If the telecom industry still worked like this.

Intercepting Operators, Minnesota 1946

Today, we have become accustomed to being greeted by automated voices on calls. Our chances of speaking directly to a human are becoming smaller. Whereas years ago, humans were front facing, dealing directly with all incoming calls. Traditionally, these roles were filled by women, often being referred to as "Call Girls" or "The voice with a smile". In 1946, more than 250'000 women were employed as switchboard operators. The telephone operator were known for their fashion, which is portrayed in these photos.

The first operators were teenaged boys (1876- 1877)

The first Operators were teenaged boys, often they engaged in horseplay and foul language. Telephone companies soon began hiring 'girls' in order to present a more gentle image to customers.

In 1878, the first women operators to work alongside men operators.

Switchboards, 1921

Operators were well trained in switchboards before being allowed to work on the boards , 1910

Big thanks to our friends at the 'Telecommunications History Group' for providing these great photo and facts! check out their website.

I think we could say there were several call drops and poor audio when contact centers were run like this. Fortunately for us, Klearcom is around these days to ensure this does not happen. Klearcom can test end-to-end customer call paths from customer to agent in local markets, using a single test. We don’t stop testing where the conversation begins. Using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform we can identify customer impacting issues, we provide instant results meaning you can pinpoint and alert every issue as soon as possible reducing the implications an outage can have on your company and overall customer experience.

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