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Customer Experience (CX) - Why is it so important?

Updated: Aug 12


Customer Experience has become a prevalent term in business, especially when it comes to long term business planning and maintaining a competitive advantage. A successful company is one who has won over their customers and then continues to fulfil their expectations. The telecom industry has the third highest potential for increasing revenue by improving customer experience.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product with better customer experience.

Customers don’t complain about a poor experience, they simply switch. As a business you set the standard for a customer’s experience. About 96% of customers want a business that’s more responsive.

The importance of customer experience (CX) has now become a key focus to all departments and a battleground for competition. It follows through to the whole business, from sale prospecting to finished goods. A vital part of creating a good customer experience is understanding the entire journey of a customer. By understanding the journey, you can pinpoint each interaction made with a customer and focus on making it positive.

Keeping your finger on the CX Pulse

A positive customer experience is crucial to the success of your business, a happy customer is one who is likely to become a loyal customer. The main goal is to create a positive experience customers will talk about. Advertising through word of mouth is one of the most cost effective and reliable sources of information. Think about the last time you had a negative customer experience; you shared the experience with friends and family? This negative publicity could have been avoided by a positive customer experience. Some benefits of improving customer experience include; surge in revenue/profits, increased customer loyalty, rise in brand value, and confidence in investments. 42% of companies say their reason for investing in customer experience is to improve cross-selling and up-selling, 33% say to improve customer retention, and 32% say to improve customer satisfaction.

The greatest power in business is a customer’s perception or experience, a poor perception or experience can be the pushing factor as to whether your company is a failure or success. When it comes to improving customer experience many leaders turn towards innovation for a solution, whereas in hindsight, usually the solution is sitting right in front of you, it may just require some minor tweaking to get the desired results. Often, a team has to sit down and look at their current strategy and think ‘How can I change this in order to improve my CX?’. Sometimes looking at something from another perspective can shine a new light, changing it for the better. Concentrating on improving product experience is crucial to winning repeat sales.

83% of people will never want to deal with a company again after a poor IVR experience.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides powerful ways to improve customer engagement. It provides specialised phone support you need to grow and scale your business. Speech recognition with IVR allows the customers to speak, this creates an atmosphere where the customer feels as if they are on an actual call with a live agent. This improves customer experience as they do not feel lost or become frustrated by automated messages. IVR is a professional service that is always available, this accommodates customers living in different time zones and for after-hour calling. Ensuring IVR voices are clear, concise and of the best quality, can make or break a customer’s experience. Poor quality sound and confusing dialogue can cause torment and stress on the customer.

Understanding your target audience is key to improving CX. By having a firm grasp on the needs/wants of your audience, gaging the points of friction and establishing an effective method to resolve them. Immediately your business will be in a far better off position to be able to pinpoint the exact needs of your customers. Understanding your target audience is a company affair, together each department must work together by listening to your customers and recognising their needs/wants and conducting research in relation to a customers likes/dislikes and future preferences.

How to improve your CX customer experience

How does Klearcom benefit customer experience? Through end-to-end IVR testing, Klearcom works on identifying customer impacting issues. Here at Klearcom we aim to help Multinational Contact Centers (MNCC) avoid outages, finding problems fast and fixing them sooner. We have the ability to test customer call paths from customer to agent in local markets, using a single test. This is a 100% non-intrusive test, testing without the use of probes or need of installation. We don’t stop testing where the conversation begins, using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform we can pinpoint and alert every issue, from the use of machine learning, automatic speech recognition and audio fingerprinting. Generally, the telecommunications industry is complicated, but at Klearcom services are transparent and easy to use. Clients of Klearcom will answer more calls, generate more revenue and provide greater quality of service.

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