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Airlines - Improve your CX with IVR and Phone Number Testing

Updated: Aug 21


Contact centers play a crucial role in the airline industry, serving as a central hub for handling customer interactions and providing support. for airline passengers. It encompasses the contact centers and customer service departments of airlines. All of which handle various communication channels, including phone calls, emails, live chat, and social media.

Airline Phone Line Testing

The Staying Power of Human Contact: While many customers today may go online to pre-order their in-flight Wi-Fi or start their ticketing search, the phone remains many airline customers’ channel of choice when purchasing tickets or altering tickets they have already purchased. Call centers are responsible for approximately 15 percent of airline bookings, according to Lacour, equating to about 250 million tickets per year. Sales made at call centers also tend to be of higher value than those made online, likely because customers turn to a help line for more complex purchases.

Call centers are responsible for approximately 15 percent of airline bookings, according to Lacour, equating to about 250 million tickets per year

Why is Telecom Testing Important for Airlines:

  • Customer Experience: IVR systems and phone numbers are crucial touchpoints for customers when interacting with an airline. Testing ensures that these systems function properly, have clear voice prompts, and offer intuitive menu options. A positive and efficient customer experience contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Call Routing and Flight Information: Airlines often use IVR systems to handle a wide range of inquiries, including flight information, reservations, baggage tracking, and customer support. Testing ensures that callers are routed to the correct departments or information sources, reducing call transfers and providing accurate and timely information to customers.

  • Service Availability: Airlines receive a high volume of calls from customers seeking assistance, especially during peak travel periods or in case of disruptions such as flight cancellations or delays. Testing helps ensure that the IVR system and phone numbers can handle the expected call volume, minimizing the risk of system overload and providing uninterrupted service to customers.

  • Operational Efficiency: Testing IVR systems and phone numbers allows airlines to identify and address any technical issues or bottlenecks. This helps streamline operations, reduce call handling times, and optimize call center resources. Efficient IVR systems can automate certain processes, freeing up staff to focus on more complex customer inquiries.

  • Compliance and Security: Airlines often need to comply with industry regulations and security standards, such as data protection and privacy requirements. Testing IVR systems helps identify any vulnerabilities or risks related to customer data handling, ensuring compliance and mitigating potential security breaches.

  • Brand Reputation: A malfunctioning IVR system or problematic phone numbers can lead to frustrated customers and damage an airline's brand reputation. By thoroughly testing these communication channels, airlines can maintain a positive brand image, demonstrating their commitment to providing reliable and efficient customer service.

Why is Klearcom the Preferred Testing Solution for Airlines?

Klearcom is the only solution providing a 1 true view of the customer call path. Through our local reach in over 95 countries, our customers can replicate their end users call experience in seconds, and triage these issues in real time to ensure they get ahead of customer complaints.

With Klearcom you can ensure that 24/7/365 your local phone lines are operational and your IVR messaging and routing is 100% accurate.

Emergency Phone line testing in Airlines
  • Largest Test Coverage: If you service customers on a global scale then you cannot leave anything to chance, you need to have visibility locally in all of the countries you operate by testing with fixed line and GSM. Klearcom has by far the world's largest coverage for testing in over 95 countries, ensuring you can replicate and automate your CX.

  • Unified Platform: Unlike other providers of telecom testing, Klearcom provides you with a single unified solution where you can test both your phone numbers and IVR's in a single test allowing you to validate:

  • Your local phone numbers are operational

  • Audio quality is optimum, no install required

  • Your local IVR's are reachable and operational

  • DTMF and Voice navigation options are working

  • Full transcriptions at each level of the IVR

  • Transcription in over 35 different languages

  • 24/7/365 Triage: Tired of getting false alerts for issues that are either momentary or not genuine? This is just another key area where Klearcom excel. The Klearcom 24/7 Triage process not only identifies outages and issues with both telecom and IVR's, it will also triage these issues, switch telecom providers and finally human validate every outage as they occur. Thanks to Klearcom's 24/7/365 triage you can ensure you are only receiving genuine human verified alerts with all the CDR's required to raise ticketing to your respective teams.

  • Full Call Path Testing: Still unsure where within the telecom chain your issues reside? Then let Klearcom remove this concern, with our customer call path test you can test externally, all the way through to End agent and identify exactly at which link in the chain these issues arise. Take the guesswork out of telecom issues.

So what next?

Phone number testing manually is labor-intensive and building out IVR's is considerably time consuming, error-prone, and can be easily overlooked, especially if the process is tedious. This is where the need for Klearcom's automated testing comes into play.

  1. Test Phone number and IVR's: Build out your global phone number and IVR footprint in over 95 countries across the globe. Then create your automated test frequency at the click of a button

  2. Transcribe and Translate: Klearcom local number and IVR testing provides you with the ability to transcribe and translate all options within your IVR at the click of a button

  3. Validate your Audio Quality: Don't limit your audio quality testing, with Klearcom you can test every single link of the call path right through to end agent or even external third party vendors

  4. Contact Center Migration: Whether you're planning or have already started a contact center migration, then now is the time to speak with our team. Klearcom Pre and Post migration solutions ensures your contact center migration will be a smooth transition

Get in touch with the team here at Klearcom today and let's discuss how best we can facilitate your testing needs, whether it's IVR testing, Phone number testing or even Contact Center testing. The unified SaaS service we offer at Klearcom allows you test all of these services and more, in a single test.

Contact Klearcom today:

INTL: +353 1 5256748

USA: 8669866016

or visit our website to book a free trial.

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