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IVR Call Path Testing

Discover Your Global IVR Customer Experience


Create a Reference Map of Your IVR in Minutes With a Host of Reporting Metrics

Map Out Your IVR Path and Automate

Your Discovery Process

Klearcom DIVR (Discovery IVR) Testing traverses your full customer call path and identifies all of the associated scripting you expect to see, more importantly it will identify the scripts you DON'T expect to see:

  • Generate testing within the regions of choice

  • Identification of IVR reachability and connectivity

  • Validation of call scripting on every leg of the journey

  • Call quality reporting at every leg, identifying Call Degradation, Transcoding and Voice Fingerprint


Klearcom ensures that no matter where the customer journey starts to where the customer journey ends, you will have visibility of each leg of the experience and the assurance your customer experience is to the highest expected standard.

Klearcom IVR Path Testing Ensures:


  • Your IVR tree transcribed, providing validation on your existing configuration

  • Real time output on complex IVR structure's in a simplistic easy to navigate platform

  • You retain a holistic view of your existing IVR setup for reference at all times

Discovery IVR Automation Ensures:

  • Through no intrusive setup you can schedule your testing at a time that suits you

  • Complete control over any regression testing, keeping your IVR amendments accurate

  • Accuracy and consistency of IVR routing

Call Quality Testing

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