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Discover Your Global IVR Customer Experience

Create a Reference Map of Your IVR in Minutes

...With a Host of Reporting Metrics

Monitor the performance of your global contact center phone numbers using one test, one dashboard

Map Out Your IVR Path and Automate Your Discovery Process

Klearcom DIVR (Discovery IVR) Testing traverses your full customer call path and identifies all of the associated scripting you expect to see, more importantly it will identify the scripts you DON'T expect to see.

Generate testing within the regions of choice

Identify IVR reachability and connectivity

Validate call scripting on every leg of the journey

Call quality reporting at each leg; Call Degradation, Transcoding and Voice Fingerprint

Ensure that no matter where the customer journey starts or ends, you can benchmark and test each leg of the experience. 

Why you should automate the mapping of your IVRs

Changes to an IVR system are made regularly in most businesses. For example when a new capability needs to be added, or a simple change of messaging is made somewhere in your global IVR system. However, IVR updates should never be made if there is no documented IVR map serving as a reference to ensure there aren't any unwanted side effects. There's a few main reasons why you need to map your IVR: 1. It will show you exactly where all your toll- or toll free numbers point. 2. You'll be able to understand- and control exactly what your IVR structure looks like, where it directs callers, and if it contains the right messaging intent. 3. It enables you to track and validate any changes to your IVR. 4. You can ensure uptime and CX quality during migrations to new systems. Now, creation of IVR maps manually is a time consuming and resource-intensive exercise. It requires methodical calling into an IVR, documenting each path, and each voice prompt heard. Instead of doing the tedious and often error prone manual work to map your IVR, why not implement Klearcoms automated discovery of your global IVR footprint? With a click of a button you can identify every link in your call path chain. Once your IVR is mapped; The task of customizing and building out your automated testing scripts will be easier than ever before. Providing assurance that your business delivers the best possible CX each and every time.​​ If you need to make a change to your IVR scripts, simply re-run the DIVR process and the Klearcom platform will build out a new reference tree view.

Unlike other solutions, we test & document each leg of the customer experience

Reachability & connectivity

Number and IVR Reachability & connectivity

DIVR creates a database of your global numbers and their current state. This is done by dialing in-country to replicate the true customer experience.

Audio Quality Testing

Audio Quality Testing

The audio discovered at each stage of the call will serve as a benchmark at every node across your IVR. This audio quality benchmark is then used as a reference option for all future regression and on-demand IVR tests.

IVR flow mapping

IVR flow mapping

Your full IVR tree is mapped and transcribed, providing a reference and validation benchmark for your existing configuration. You retain a holistic view of your existing IVR setup for reference at all times.

100% Contact Center,  Vendor & Carrier Agnostic

And more...

No installation needed, we're in the cloud

Our solution doesn't require any installation with your infrastructure.

All we need are a list of your numbers to start testing. 

Free toll free number test

Are you ready to uncover all the IVR blindspots you haven't been able to identify before?

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It's never been easier to map, validate and test the quality of your toll-free numbers, IVRs and end-agents.

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