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Discovery IVR Test

Deep Dive Into Your IVR, Gain Visibility and Validate Call Paths

Discovery IVR Testing

Replicate Your Customer Experience, Automate Your

IVR Discovery Process

Explore your customer Call Path and provide assurance to your business that your lines of communication are clear with Klearcom DIVR. By testing real customer engagement, DIVR collates a holistic view of your global IVR footprint, IVR accessibility and a fully referenceable script database. Providing assurance that your business delivers the best possible customer experience each and every time.

Contact Center Testing

Automated Transcription of Global IVR

At the click of a button you have the ability to automate your global test process, validating your IVR transcriptions

Automating Voice Testing
IVR Testing
Automated Voice Quality

Testing​ and Customer Replication

Providing you with localised IVR testing and validation, ensuring your test call path is the same as your customer experience

Call Quality Testing
Agent Automated Testing

Referenceable IVR

Master Copy

Simplistic overview of your global IVR footprint with critical referenceable data, ensuring your call paths are clear

Voice Testing

Global Voice Quality


With Non-Intrusive testing you will be able to validate voice quality at every hop in your customer call path

Voice Testing
Remote Agent Testing

Holistic Centralized


All of you data centralized in a single platform, providing you with a 360 degree view of both your global IVR footprint

Inbound Voice Quality


Connectivity Testing



Automated discovery of your global IVR footprint at the click of a button, identifying every link in your call path chain. Providing you with visibility from your customers perspective in a matter of minutes.

Real Time Alerting

Exception based alerts across all traversal failures, custom specific to you individual requirements. Instant follow-up testing validating the problems are not momentary ones.

Master View


Fully transcribe your IVR scripts at every node globally and retain a master view within our referenceable database, providing you with assurance that the expected response is what your customer is receiving.

Audio Quality Benchmark

Throughout the initial discovery process the Klearcom platform will establish a quality benchmark at every node across your IVR. Once you are satisfied with the established audio quality benchmark you can then use this as a reference option for all future tests.

Connectivity and Voice Quality testing
Number Testing IVR

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