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Load Test Your Contact Center IVR

Load Testing Your Voice Channels and Identify Capacity or Concurrency Problems Before They Impact Your Customers

contact center testing

Performance Test Your Contact Center Platform
With Automated IVR Functional and Regression Testing

Development and Scripting teams are consistently under pressure to ensure their contact center is delivering the best CX they can achieve. The reality however is that other processes take priority meaning IVR testing takes a back seat. The knock on effect of this is that production dates remain the same but the time to evaluate is reduced which in turn leads to defects within the production environment. If you lack the time and visibility needed to ensure your delivering the best CX possible, then speak with Klearcom today.

Take the Klearcom trial today and automate your regression testing.

IVR Monitoring

Performance Testing of Your Contact Center

Validate the concurrency and capacity of your contact center platform. Provide assurance to the business on call capacity and consistency

IVR Monitoring
Analytics Calls
Voice Quality CDR

Validate Channel Availability To Peak Performance

Test each channel, validate each call path and ensure every available channel is open and available for customer engagement

Audio Quality Testing
Audio Quality Testing

Ensure Call Quality is at it's Optimum Level

Call Quality can become degraded once your channels of communication reach capacity. Validate quality and capacity in every test

Regression Testing

Seamlessly Automate Your Load Testing 

Klearcom load testing is a non intrusive test process, this ensures your business can automate and test at your desired frequencies

Load Testing
Blast Testing

Comprehensive CDR's Centrally Located

Klearcom testing validates, verifies and collates all sample data for every test. All test results are available for export and review within seconds

Blast Testing


IVR Monitoring

Stress Test Your Comms Channels


Through the power of Klearcom automated load testing (LIVR) you have the ability to isolate break points within your communication channels and identify capacity limitations. Klearcom provide the assurance before, during and after implementation that you have the capacity you need for your business.

Voice Quality Validation

Klearcom Load testing provides a wealth of information around contact center performance, each test will identify not only capacity limitations but also the voice quality at each stage. Voice quality plays a pivotal role in achieving the best CX, once capacity is compromised this can in turn lead to audio quality degradation. Klearcom LIVR testing ensures you maintain your quality with each and every test.

Localised Testing Capabilities


To gather a true representation of Customers Experience (CX) companies require the ability to test their local IVR. Klearcom LIVR provides true localised representation within selected regions of choice, ensuring companies identify trends and challenges affecting their global CX.

Cut cost of failures

Across complex contact center solutions there are a number of potential failure points that can lead to communication errors. As with all services these failures can have a dramatic impact on business process and revenue. Klearcom LIVR identifies, isolates and reports on these anomalies in real time, ensuring business operations can perform as normal.

IVR Monitoring
Call Path Test

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