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Are Your Agents Reachable?
(TFN to IVR to Agent)

Validate Your IVR Path from Customer to Agent

Validate Your IVR Path from Customer to Agent

Test your full IVR call path in each country

Klearcom provides true replication of your customer experience from start to finish. The Klearcom platform examines every leg of the communications chain from:

The initial IVR experience localised within your environment

Identification of all connection and quality challenges

Validating the complete IVR traversal 

Rating each leg of the experience from IVR all the way through to Agent

Klearcom ensures that the holistic experience from IVR to answer is as smooth as possible, providing you with the assurance and confidence that your customers are getting the best CX in the market.

Ensure that no matter where the customer journey starts or ends,  you can benchmark and test each leg of the experience. 

IVR Path Testing


Replicate your customer IVR experience from IVR through to agent

Provide validation and assurance that there are no IVR jail challenges

Ensure that the call path is clear and the quality of experience is as you expect it to be

Automation and validation on your current IVR footprint with real time metrics
Localised Testing, ability to test within each region from a customer perspective
No false flags, Auto re-run on outage identification

End Agent Testing 


Test voice quality from your customers perspective right through to your end agents


Automate and test, with real time reporting on any failures across the communications chain

Measure and qualify your contact center provider's service levels 

Control what your IVR environment looks like from a customer perspective
​You are first to know of any outages before this impacts your customers, get ahead of outages
No downtime, your business is available 24/7/365

No installation needed, we're in the cloud

Our solution doesn't require any installation with your infrastructure.

All we need are a list of your numbers to start testing. 

Real assurance in real time

Verify number connection

Verify number connection

Are your numbers all operational?

Validate IVR traversal

Is your IVR routing you to the correct agent?

Audio Quality validation

Audio Quality validation

What's the audio quality like?

End agent connection

End agent connection

Are your agents reachable?

Why you need to test your entire customer to agent path and experience

In today's global world, customers don't complain, they switch. Countless alternatives are just a click away. So how do you ensure your customer experience end-to-end meets the highest expectations? The reliability and consistency of manual testing is low due to human error and subjective interpretations. Not to mention slow, and expensive. In order to deliver a great customer experience, your entire customer-to-agent experience must be flawless, but with so many moving parts, and worldwide networks of contact centers it's an impossible task without automation. The entire customer journey must be tested including the last link in the chain, which includes: - Connection test to the agent (inhouse or remote) - Agent routing of the call - Audio quality validation Considering that the agent is the most expensive link in the customer journey it is essential that you can test and prevent issues end-to-end, so they don't impact your bottom line. There's 4 levels of incident severity that we refer to in regard to how they might impact your business: - SEV1: Critical impact (System down) SEV1 is the level of incident that will cause downtime, for example when an IVR isn't delivering the right prompt, preventing customer from completing a task without the help of an end agent. Putting significant pressure on the end-agent side capacity. - SEV2: Significant impact SEV2 is not as severe as an outage, but affects production and the customer experience. Could be misrouted calls causing longer waiting time for customers. - SEV3: Minor impact SEV3 incidents could be poor audio quality, requiring customers and end-agents to repeat themselves, causing inconvenience for the customer. - Non-production issues These are incidents occurring before systems are put into production. Not as critical as SEV 1,2 and 3, but important to identify as early as possible. Now, imagine the potential cost of these contact center incidents in regard to your most business critical phone numbers. Then compare it to the fractional cost of testing pro-actively with Klearcom.

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