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Are Your Agents Reachable?

(IVR to Agent)


Validate Your IVR Path from Customer to Agent

Inbound Testing

Test Every Hop in the Communication Chain,
Full IVR Path and End Agent Experience!

Klearcom provides true replication of your customer experience from start to finish. The Klearcom platform examines every leg of the communications chain from:

  • The initial IVR experience localised within your environment

  • Identification of all connection and quality challenges

  • Validating the complete IVR traversal 

  • Rating each leg of the experience from IVR all the way through to Agent 


Klearcom ensures that the holistic experience from IVR to answer is as smooth as possible, providing you with the assurance and confidence that your customers are getting the best CX in the market.

Klearcom's IVR Path Testing Enables You To:


  • Replicate your customer IVR experience from IVR through to agent, providing validation and assurance that there are no IVR jail challenges

  • Provide assurance that the call path is clear and the quality of experience is as you expect it to be

Klearcom's End Agent Testing Enables You To:

  • Test voice quality from your customers perspective right through to your end agents 

  • Automate and test, with real time reporting on any failures across the communications chain

  • Measure and qualify your contact center provider's service levels 

dropped connection

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