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Klearcom helps Multinational Contact Center’s avoid voice outages on their domestic call path from the Toll Free Number/DID, through the IVR & down to  End Agent in each country globally. 


When problems do arise we find them faster, fixing them sooner. Our AI based platform will automatically analyze the full customer call path, benchmark performance and alert on every single issue. Using Machine Learning, Automatic Speech Recognition & Audio Fingerprinting we provide an holistic view of the call from customer to agent using a single test and platform. 


In dynamic environments where systems are being reconfigured daily Klearcom clients will answer more calls, generate more revenue and provide a greater quality of service.

Team Klearcom

Team Klearcom has deep domain knowledge and over 20 years market experience working across Global Telecommunications, CcaaS, UCaaS, IT Professional Services and Integrated Service Providers. The leadership team has worked previously for leading global companies including BT Global Services, Accenture, Eir, Salesforce, Interactcrm, Kerauno & IBM.

The Klearcom team is proudly backed by
the following Venture Capital... 

Enterprise ireland
DBIC Ventures

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Latest News

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