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Real time Toll Free Number Testing, in-country

Monitor the performance of your global contact center phone numbers using one test, one dashboard

Proactively diagnose and resolve TFN issues globally,

before they impact your customer.

Replicate Call Flows from Multiple Providers and Locations Globally, with no Restrictions on Concurrent Testing! 

Our platform provides comprehensive testing coverage across multiple carriers in every country, which enables you to precisely reproduce and test your customers

true call experience.

Automate your test calls to verify call connection, post dial delay, call quality,

IVR Reachability, IVR Navigation and transcription in a single test.

Customize the frequency and timing of your testing by creating your own schedule

and catch any issues as soon as they arise

Receive “no false flag” verified notifications so that you can address issues

promptly with all the CDR’s you require

Get complete, real time visibility of your customer experience worldwide, with always-on, and on-demand automated testing

Automated, In-country testing

Local in-country automated testing across multiple providers, through both fixed and GSM

In-country testing

Triage on the fly through Klearcom’s live caller

Domestic US & Canada testing

True call replication within the US, and in Canada on a state by state basis

Largest global coverage in over 95+ countries. Multiple service providers ensures you can truly replicate your customer calls, unlike other solution providers.

Test all number types (Toll, Toll Free, UIFN, ITFS): Klearcom will never restrict the number you want to test, as our services are truly local in each country, you can test all number types.

Actual customer call path replication: Follow your customers exact call path, testing phone number, IVR and down to agent. Klearcom is the only company globally that can perform this service in over 85+ markets

Audio Quality testing without PESQ integration: Test and replicate the audio experience of your customers without having to install or deploy any pointless audio files on your network.

Explore your entire IVR: Don’t stop with testing your phone number, Klearcom provide a holistic view of your customer calling experience across every level of your call center.

Proactive, Genuine Alerting: Are you fed up of waiting 24 / 48 hours to triage an issue or perhaps you have been receiving “False Flags”, avoid these instantly with Klearcom’s Instant, valid alerting process.

Real time testing: Generate live calls across all of the 85+ countries covered by the Klearcom platform, this ensures you can triage issues live and generate immediate call stats, ensuring your issues are addressed immediately.

Audio Quality at every leg of the journey: Have you struggled to pull audio quality reports in real time, or perhaps you can only test to a specific prompt? Now with Klearcom you can generate real time quality metrics on the fly without any implementation.

Test Beyond the number: Don’t just test your phone number, with Klearcom you can test every leg of your IVR, grade the audio quality in real time and map out the process in detail for further regression / automated testing.

Do more for less: Alternate between GSM and fixed line in real time, validate the experience across both and compare / contrast the findings, ensuring you have a true single picture of your inbound service performance.

Local servers across individual US states and Canadian Provinces If you need to replicate a local state presence experience to identify your customer experience then Klearcom have the local solution for you.

Validate connectivity and audio quality experience: State by state and carrier by carrier, the experience may be different, with Klearcom you can verify if the experience is the same throughout each state in real time.

Ensure consistent call handling independent of location. If you’ve set up call routing changes based on location across each state or province but don't know what the CX is like? Fear not, Klearcom can provide you with the local experience without you having to test each region specifically.

Automated reporting and alerting: Don’t wait to find out second hand about an outage or call quality issue, test and triage in real time to get ahead of customer impacting issues on a state or province basis.

Customer API Integration: Generate and pull all the relevant information specific to your needs based on Klearcom’s reporting API’s.

Our Toll-free Number Testing includes:

No installation needed, we're in the cloud

Our solution doesn't require any installation with your infrastructure.

All we need are a list of your numbers to start testing. 

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